We are One

IT’s about time I write to say thank you to the universe for this fantastic first year in business. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

xxxxxxxx T H A N K Y O U xxxxxxxxxx

To all my stores who believed in me and took a chance to stock a new china, thank you

To my brother and his wife for proofreading my spelling errors and catalog, thank you

To the San Diego patrons and fans that have helped me trust my art, thank you

To Theresa of SuperLove Tee’s for hiring me for my first freelance designs, thank you

To Boochcraft for making delicious elixir that quenches my thirst, thank you

To Katie Hunt and the TSBC community, thank you

To my great friends who helped me and inspired me, thank you

To my fellow card friends who i hope to always be there for, thank you

To my parents, who supported my creative journey and cheer me on, thank you

To my therapist who helps me clear my head, thank you

To the infinite spirit of the world, for your generosity, synchronicity, restored faith and hope, thank you

To helena who has appeared two times at just the right moment with good advice, thank you

To my husband who always receives my ideas, helps make my dreams happen, tells me when to stay focused, who inspires me and energizes me every day, thank you