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A card is an energetic gift that gives again and again. first, the idea unfolds in my mind, i make it and it’s brilliance is a gift to me. Then, when you see our cards in a store, your first reaction to the perfect card— that’s #2 and then, you go home, you take it out and you spill your guts out on the blank canvas of the card. In that, we collaborate. now you are a part of the gift, and you give it to the recipient and for a third time the gift continues.

Many of us have a keepsake box or drawer of cards. i have kept a gallon ziplock of my most cherished cards since i was a kid. I hope my cards speak to you, inspire you, and end up in a special box that will lift hearts for years to come.

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The launch of Amador Collective comes after a brutal year in my life. In 2016, at 29, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and had to undergo chemo. After many late nights and obsessive research I started to think about what I really wanted out of life. I pondered a lot, got lost in thought, meditated and got zen, that's where a lot of the clarity came in and I defined my dharma (life's purpose). I realized that I'm put here to connect people, make people feel heard and to listen. I decided to start creating a line of cards and just go for it! And so Amador collective was born.

I have been making cards as an expression for years. The first best one was inspired one summer night in after a date with my now husband, jon allie. I stayed up for 3 hours making him the perfect card and from then on I was obsessed with making perfect cards for every occasion.

i love anything expressive and satisfying to touch. Nothing is more fun for me than getting lost in creating something. I know you will feel that through any product I sell and I hope you will want to follow along as we grow and inspire.


Daniela allie

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amador = lover

i am a lover of life - an interspace travel - a night owl - a day dreamer - a tripper - a hippie - i am CREATIVE